Touching your life, your heart and inspiring you daily.

Imagine hearing first hand what it's like to inspire thousands of people everyday. Tim shares his favorite stories, personal experiences and teaches about how to inspire and lead others. Tim's dynamic story telling style will inspire your group. From the stories that make you cry and touch your heart to the inspirational stories that leave you laughing, Tim tells them all. He talks with you and your group about the many email messages he receives from all over the world.

How he answers hundreds of messages each day. From the funny messages that make you laugh to the messages that will leave a tear in your eye, Tim speaks as only a man of Christian faith who inspires and teaches thousands everyday can. Your group will be talking about this event and their memories for a long time.

As President and past President of non-profit organizations, Tim has a wealth of expertise and experience speaking to groups. From leadership and teamwork to communication and group dynamics, Tim will inspire and motivate your organization.

Tim has spoken at trade shows, conventions and to many organiztions. If you would like to book Tim to personally talk with your group or organization contact us at:

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Tim Levin

Tim started the Inspiration List in December 1999. He writes for the list and answers more than 200 email messages a day. Tim is currently writing a book of stories from the Inspiration List.

Tim is CEO of Bighit Internet Communications, Inc. and owner of Mr. MacHead computer consulting in Dallas, TX.. Tim volunteers his time for non-profit agencies and is currently serving as the President of E.G.A.D. (Electronic Graphic Artists of Dallas). He also is a pilot for the Angel flight organization.

Tim enjoys inspiring others and speaking to groups all over the country. His hobbies include flying and scuba diving.

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