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I am so fortunate to have many friends who write and send me inspirational stories. Here are a few who have volunteered to help you. They have gone through life changing events and now offer to help you through yours.

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Trisha Gercken

Trisha Gercken is a freelance writer. Her works have been published in Guideposts and on the Inspiration List. Her husband fondly refers to her as a "modern day Psalmist for God". Trisha is a previously infertile mother of two, who has written inspirational stories and poems about such subjects as overcoming infertility, seeking God, and conquering the grief associated with loss. The story of her infertility and the subsequent birth of her first child was published in a book titled "Ready, Set, Wait" by Karen Barber.
Trisha is the president of her neighborhood association and serves as a member of the Mayor's Citizens Planning Advisory Committee and the Sheriff's Advisory Council in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. She and her husband, Joe, along with daughters Erica and Eden, serve God at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Jacksonville.
Trisha welcomes your e-mail and will respond to you. Her greatest desire is to be used of God to help people find healing in Him.

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