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From Zig
From: Zig Ziglar
Subject: Big Government
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 14:06:56 -0600

Consider This

Your vote could make the difference in this election.
Fact: In 1960 JFK won the election because he received
1 MORE VOTE per precinct in Illinois (8,858 votes)
3 MORE VOTES per precinct in Missouri (9,880 votes)
3 MORE VOTES per precinct in New Jersey (22,091 votes)
Without those 40,829 votes, Kennedy would not have won
YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER and passing this message on will elect George W. Bush.

Big Government Blunder.
Gore claimed Tuesday (10/24/00) that his spending
plans would not require the hiring of a single new federal worker. But's Jake Tapper yesterday (10/25/00) joined a chorus of critics
skewering Gore's pledge, calling it a "preposterous promise" that comes
after months of Gore's "introducing a Santa Claus list of expensive new
treats for voters." Gore bragged he had cut "the number of federal positions
by 300,000" - but "neglected to mention that 87 percent of the eliminated
jobs came from the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. . .According
to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, discounting [those reductions],
there are actually 1,282 additional federal workers as of May 2000 compared
with January 1993." (, 10/25/00; emphasis added)

Texas Twister.
Gore mischaracterized an opinion paper concerning the Texas
education record. Gore characterized the piece as a "comprehensive" study by
the Rand corporation - when in fact a more comprehensive Rand study released
in July 2000 confirms Texas leads the nation in student achievement. On
Wednesday (10/25/00), a Rand spokesman took issue with Gore's statements -
particularly his characterization of the paper as "comprehensive." (Jim
Warren, Chicago Tribune, 10/26/00) "As last-minute October political
surprises go, this one's a dud," USA Today (10/26/00) declared this morning.

Zig Ziglar