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From Zig
From: Zig Ziglar
Subject: Consider This
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 15:44:00 -0600

Consider This

Your vote could make the difference in this election.
Fact: In 1960 JFK won the election because he received
1 MORE VOTE per precinct in Illinois (8,858 votes)
3 MORE VOTES per precinct in Missouri (9,880 votes)
3 MORE VOTES per precinct in New Jersey (22,091 votes)
Without those 40,829 votes, Kennedy would not have won
YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER and passing this message on will elect George W. Bush.
Families Left Cold by Al Gore's Petroleum Ploy

October 16 - As U.S. families face a cold winter, Al Gore is catching more
heat over his election-year ploy to tap America's Strategic Petroleum
In a transparent effort to divert attention from the Clinton-Gore failure to
enact a comprehensive energy policy, Gore last month called for the release
of 30 million barrels of oil from America's strategic reserve. But the plan
now appears to be unraveling, and it looks increasingly possible that U.S.
consumers will not receive even temporary relief from high fuel prices this
winter under Gore's plan.
Two-Thirds of Relief Goes to Europe. Clinton-Gore officials now acknowledge
that as much as two-thirds of the extra home heating oil refined from
government crude may go to Europe, never reaching U.S. consumers. "[Gore and
Clinton] said [they] released oil from the country's strategic reserve to
help Americans get through the winter months, but most of the newly-released
oil may never heat American homes," CBS News reported. (Jacqueline Adams,
CBS News, 10/7/00)

Gore Oil Ploy Facing "Major Set Back." The administration awarded one-third
of the emergency oil released from the strategic reserve to three small
domestic oil firms with limited refining capacity - one of which has already
backed out of the arrangement. "If all three firms end up forfeiting their
combined 10 million barrels of oil from the government stockpile, it could
be a major set back for the [Clinton-Gore] effort to boost heating oil
supplies and ease high energy prices this winter." (Tom Doggett, Reuters,

Heating Oil Stocks Low on East Coast. Americans are paying the price for the
eight-year Clinton-Gore failure to enact a national energy policy. "This
week the department [of energy] said that heating oil stocks remain well
below historic averages for this time of year, including 40 percent below
the 10-year average on the East Coast, where many people rely on oil for
heating." (Associated Press, 10/10/00) Under Gore's watch, America's
dependence on foreign oil has increased, while domestic production has

Al Gore has again disregarded good policy in favor of what he thought was
good politics - and American consumers are paying the price.

""I do not believe so. I do not think so." 

- Clinton-Gore Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, incorrectly answering
a question from ABC's Cokie Roberts as to whether Americans are relying on
Iraqi oil. ("This Week," 10/15/00)

Zig Ziglar