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From Zig
From: Zig Ziglar
Subject: Truth Is Important
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 15:09:22 -0500

Truth Is Important

YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER and passing this message on will help elect George W. Bush.

Incredibly enough (and yet, given the history of man, not so incredible after all!), the Vietnam War started because of a manipulated exaggeration of the attack in the Tonkin Gulf. This war resulted in the loss of
thousands of lives, untold grief, the splitting of a nation, a cost of billions of dollars-and the scars remain. Almost without exception, lies and exaggerations are designed to cover up wrongdoing.

After the Watergate break-in, Richard Nixon lied about it. The resulting turmoil in our country, leading to his resignation, has gone down in history as one of the blackest marks on the long, proud history of our country. Careers were destroyed, lives were shattered. Several people spent wasted years incarcerated, and political turmoil, riots, demonstrations, etc., resulted from the Watergate scandal and the attempts to cover up the ill-fated misdeed.

Bill Clinton lied about Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski. In an effort to cover those lies, America spent $45 million investigating the events and impeachment followed. We are still feeling the impact of the lies Clinton told about his affairs. Careers were ruined, he betrayed his friends, family, cabinet, staff, etc., many of whom were innocent victims and perpetrated his lies because they believed in him. There is an excellent chance that Clinton's license to practice law in the State of Arkansas will be revoked and in these past three and a half years his legislation has been seriously impaired. One can only imagine the impact this has had on his wife and daughter. One lie demands another and that one demands two more. People are confused, confidence is lost, progress slows, sometimes stops and often is reversed.

Question: Is Al Gore wishy-washy, forgetful, or an insecure man who has to exaggerate or, worse yet, is he simply a habitual liar?

Next time, as we further explore the two Als, we will look at both of them a little more carefully. As we do, we will come to the inescapable conclusion that what Al Gore says and what Al Gore does are two different things. I know very few reputable businesses in America that would hire anyone with his resume, but he wants to be president and, apparently, believes he can fool enough of us to put him in that office.

Your vote and influence are important:

Hitler won leadership of the German Nazi Party in 1923 by one vote

Thomas Jefferson won the presidency over Aaron Burr by one vote when the election was thrown into the House of Representatives

The Selective Service was extended by one vote to save the U.S. Army from collapse less than four months before Pearl Harbor

Zig Ziglar