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From Zig
The following was submitted to me by my wonderful Sunday school teacher and friend Zig Ziglar.

From: Zig Ziglar
Subject: The Two Als
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 07:21:32 -0500

Consider This

Your vote could make the difference in this election.
Fact: In 1960 JFK won the election because he received

  • 1 MORE VOTE per precinct in Illinois (8,858 votes)
  • 3 MORE VOTES per precinct in Missouri (9,880 votes)
  • 3 MORE VOTES per precinct in New Jersey (22,091 votes)

Without those 40,829 votes, Kennedy would not have won
YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER and passing this message on will elect George W. Bush.

The presidential election this year will shape our country's future-period.
The Supreme Court sometimes interprets the Constitution in its rulings-and
sometimes it rewrites it.

If you and I are on the same page, I hope you will email these messages,
which will come regularly until Election Day, to everyone you know.
Here's why:

The Rothman Report exposes the liberal bias of the media.
Since theDemocratic Convention, two-thirds of reports on Al Gore have been favorable and over 50% of the coverage of George W. Bush has been unfavorable. It is my conviction that we can at least partially balance the scales if the thousands of us who have email lists will reveal both Al Gores to the American public.


The Two Als
One Al Gore constantly touts his family values.
The other Al supports thedeath tax, the marriage tax, and opposes the voucher system, even in the inner city schools, including Washington, D.C.

Question: Whose family values does he support?
One Al, while in Congress, strongly opposed abortion.
The "other Al," the one running for president, even favors partial birth abortion, which Senator Patrick Moynihan, Dr. C. Everett Koop, and millions of Americans describe as infanticide.

One Al spoke out strongly against the Hollywood crowd.
Later, the "otherAl," with hat in hand, apologized to them.
Then one Al chastised them andeven threatened to have laws passed to force them to clean up their act. Showing his flexibility, the "other Al" then said he wouldn't pass those laws-then he thanked them for the millions they donated to his campaign.
Next, one Al put on his sincere face and suggested that he and George W. agree not to accept any "soft money" campaign contributions.
That samenight he graciously accepted several million more dollars from the Hollywood crowd.

One Al was a member of the National Rifle Association and supported over 80% of their legislation.
The "other Al" now blames the NRA for violence and gun deaths, ignoring the fact that in 100% of the states where concealedweapons laws were passed, firearms deaths decreased.

One Al is awfully hard on slumlords, but the "other Al" wouldn't make his own rent home livable -- until the media got the story.

Stay tuned to the ongoing saga of both Als. When the American public gets the full story on both Al Gores, George W. Bush will win in a landslide!
Zig Ziglar